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Alarm Systems are frequently the first line of defence when improving security. The alarm systems we provide have been designed using the most advanced technology available. Innovative, stylish and easy to operate; ideal for all residential and commercial applications.
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How Does It Work?

Whether it be your family, home or business, they are all valuable, therefore it is essential to make sure you have adequate protection for your needs. Security sensors are used to detect unauthorised entry into specific areas of your home or business. These sensors communicate with the security system to give you peace of mind. If an intrusion attempt is detected when the system is ‘Armed,’ a loud siren will sound to deter the intruder and draw attention to the situation & notify our control room. Do you have pets at home? We can install specialised sensors that can be programmed to ignore pets and prevent false alarms.

Smoke detectors can be installed and connected to your alarm system; they don’t rely on a battery to function, therefore providing extra peace of mind that they will always be operating. When you alarm system is monitored, any activation of smoke detectors is brought to your attention by our monitoring staff.
One simple key press
As you are leaving will turn on (Arm) your security system. When you return to your home or to your business, simply enter your PIN code on a security code pad to turn off (Disarm) your security system. This process can be made simpler by the use of remote controls or a smart phone app, an easy addition to your security system.

In the event of a fire, medical or personal emergency, the security code pad will have three dedicated emergency buttons to allow a signal to be reported to our local 24-hour alarm monitoring centre. Our monitoring centre can then respond with the appropriate service, such as phoning you or sending patrol personnel to investigate.

When your family is home at night, your security system can be programmed by our technicians to allow arming in the partial mode to monitor your home’s perimeter – allowing you freedom to move around inside whilst protecting you from intruders.
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Visual Verification for Peace of Mind

The latest innovation in alarm security is available from Advanced Security Group, with one of a kind technology, Risco alarm systems combine alarm detectors with an integrated camera providing crystal clear verification capability at any time through the iRisco smartphone app. Minimise the rate of false alarms by verification through a series of full coloured images captured by the camera. Take advantage of this product as it is completely wireless, allowing from simplicity in installation and flexibility in any location that lacks wiring infrastructure.

Visual verification through monitored Risco systems allows for our operators to request Police attendance to alarms – an option not available for regular alarm system activations.

Access Control – Keyless Entry

Access Control is a highly beneficial addition to any business. Swipe readers can be added to property doors to control access for employees to various areas of the building. They can also be added to external doors to ensure only employees enter the building, rather than using keys with locks. Access control is more discreet and a lot quicker to use than a traditional key, as well as easier and cheaper to replace if swipes are lost.

Swipes can be programmed individually for each employee with unlimited variations at swipe readers. They can also be quickly made void from the system if they are lost or an employee leaves abruptly. Each swipe is programmed into the system with an individual number. Whenever a swipe is used, the individual swipe number is recorded into the system with a time and date, creating reports showing when employees come and go from the building.

Alarm systems can also be armed and disarmed using swipe cards and fobs. This eliminates the need to remember your alarm code.
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Choosing an alarm system

Advanced Security Group offers free consultations and expert advice on alarm systems from great brands like Hills Reliance, Bosch and Risco. If you need an alarm system contact Advanced Security Group. Our extensive research and testing ensures tailored security solutions or every building.