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Commercial Security


Advanced Security Group has an extensive range of security products and services, and the expertise to protect businesses. We offer premium and personalised commercial security systems, including alarms, panic buttons, surveillance and door access controls. Advanced Security Group can dispatch licensed security professionals to patrol your business, respond to alarm activations, or ensure your business has been properly secured at the end of the day.

Commercial properties often house valuable equipment essential to the services you provide, our cutting edge monitoring centre provides comprehensive monitoring of alarms and surveillance camera systems, with modern features such as remote arm and disarm by our operator, emailed reports showing who has accessed the premises, and free SMS sent to your phone when events happen. Securing a business presents many unique challenges. Commercial properties may house valuable equipment essential to the services you provide. Operations such as restaurants, pubs and retailers are tasked with the safe handling and transfer of large sums of money. Our security systems also help you keep a watchful eye over patrons and your staff, even if you are not physically at the premises.

Advanced Security Group is the best choice for approaching security from every angle. Whether your business is located in a neighbourhood vulnerable to crime, or you want more control over who can access your storerooms and offices, we’re here to help protect your investment. Contact us today for a free commercial security consultation.
We sell and install alarm systems to protect your home or business from intruders. Our systems are highly advanced, easy to use and suited to a wide range of properties.
Control who has access to your entire premises without the need for keys. Choose permissions for employees, suppliers, deliveries and clients, enabling access to individual sections, rooms or buildings.
Stay ahead of the security game by having the right systems in place to protect sensitive information. Cameras are an effective way to provide employers with an extra set of eyes.
Security Alarm — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW

Alarm Systems

Advanced Security Group performs the research and testing necessary to find today’s best alarm systems for commercial use. Contact us to learn more about the industry’s best systems from top brands like Hills Reliance, Bosch and Risco.

Video Surveillance

Are you hoping to keep a watchful eye on customers, suppliers and staff members who enter and leave your premises? Surveillance is a great way to have eyes on every inch of your property. Let high resolution cameras reveal all with expert installation from Advanced Security Group. Visible cameras, indoor or outdoor, also discourage shoplifting, vandalism and forced entry.
Person Watching Footage On Digital Tablet — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW
Guards Monitoring CCTV Cameras — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW


Let Advanced Security Group provide what few other security companies can – on-site monitoring. Our company monitoring centre operates 24 hours a day with fast response to any alerts or requests for assistance. Tamworth area businesses no longer have to put their livelihood in the hands of a company they’re unfamiliar with.


Patrol response or scheduled checks are available through Advanced Security Group. Our certified, licensed security professionals can visit your business in the event that an alarm is triggered. Alternatively, business owners can elect to have our security team patrol their property at regular intervals, stopping crimes before they start.
Security Professional — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW
Video Intercom — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW


The safe handling of deliveries can be challenging for a busy establishment. Responding to knocks at locked entry points is also questionable during off hours. Fortunately, business owners and employees can respond and conduct business as usual with video intercom systems. Speak to visitors attempting entry and control door locks remotely.


Late-night shifts and closing time are prime hours for burglars looking to make off with money and property. Duress devices, commonly called panic buttons, can be worn on a person or installed beneath counters or desks. Select silent alerts for discretion or have an alarm sound to shock and disarm.
Emergency Button in Hospital — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW
Fingerprint Scanner — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW

Access Control

Access control allows you to rank your employees by access level. Allow only your most trusted upper-level staff near vaults or stock rooms with high-tech keyless entry. Access devices also give holders the ability to control alarm systems in case of accidental triggering—no code required.