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Duress Alarms


Duress alarms keep help at hand when using the phone is not an option. Advanced Security Group is a top provider of the latest technology in duress alarms and panic buttons. Individuals and businesses work more peacefully, knowing that they’ll never be stranded without help.

What is a duress alarm?

Duress alarms and panic buttons can refer to the same device. Still, there are some differences across models, specifications and installation points. No matter which term you prefer, duress alarms incorporate a button that when pressed, summons assistance, such as from security or the police.

Who needs a duress alarm?

Residents and businesses utilise duress alarms for a variety of scenarios. All involve the prevention of bodily harm, theft and damage to property.

Duress alarms are common in convenience stores and other businesses that have night shifts, and lone working employees. Security guards and healthcare providers also usually have access to a duress alarm.

However, not just restricted to businesses, many residents also have duress alarms installed, adding the feeling of safety in their own home, and reducing the feeling of vulnerability knowing help is only a push of the button away.
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How do duress alarms work?

Once the alarm is pressed, help is on its way. Advanced Security Group customers have options regarding the type of duress device, how to access it, and what they want to happen when the button is pressed.

We have varying styles to suit all applications; hard wired buttons usually installed in an inconspicuous spot, personal devices that when pressed can activate the alarm, or our latest product that will work anywhere, send real time location details of the duress alert, and allows the option of one or two-way communication.

Duress alarms can emit a loud warning sound or remain completely silent when pressed, depending on the level of danger or type of emergency the location is most vulnerable to. Contact Advanced Security Group today to schedule a free consultation. We have many years of experience in the seamless integration of duress alarms for all types of security systems.