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Some things can never be replaced. Advanced Security Group strives to give homeowners the best and most affordable security solution to protect themselves, their families and their belongings with the latest in-home security systems.

In addition to modern technology, Advanced Security Group ensures customers benefit from precise system configurations that work best with their unique buildings, habits and circumstances.
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Deter crime

Alarms and other security measures help you avoid and interrupt crimes in addition to alerting you that something is amiss.

Get assistance without phone access

During some emergencies, a phone isn’t readily available. Medical monitoring and other devices can call for help instantly.


With home security systems, we often think of protecting people and belongings. These systems also ... Read more

Save on home insurance

Ask your insurance provider today if home security systems help you qualify for a discounted rate.
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Alarm Systems

Advanced Security Group specialises in the alarm system of today – convenient, accurate, sleeker and more compact than its predecessors. Sensors created using the latest in security technology let you know when a smoke alarm has been triggered or an intruder has attempted entry.

Video Surveillance

Indoor and outdoor cameras from excellent brands like Hikvision and Tiandy help homeowners avoid all types of theft and misconduct. Discourage vandalism and check in on your home remotely. High resolution video in a variety of lighting conditions can provide you with solid proof in the event that an alarm is triggered.
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Medical Alarms

The aging and infirm can continue living independently with medical alarms. A small pendant worn on the body contains a button that when pressed, wirelessly communicates with our 24-hour monitoring centre. Bring prompt attention to slips and falls and other incidents affecting mobility.


Home security patrols provide peace of mind to residents while also acting as a deterrent for crime. Having a security presence in the neighbourhood can remove the stress and worry of potential break ins and theft.
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Bring your home into the future with a master station. Advanced Security Group makes it possible for you to answer the door from your smartphone, lock and unlock doors remotely, answer calls, and control other devices. A revolutionary way to monitor who may be at your front door instead of your home.


Need help? A personal duress button is the solution. This technology provides emergency locating via GPS, two-way communication and more. Press and Advanced Security Group will receive an alert, get in touch with you and summon your requested assistance.
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