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Remove all doubt and stay ahead with state of the art video surveillance solutions configured and installed to your needs. We cover basic camera security surveillance, to specialised airport standard facial recognition cameras, and everything in between.
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Security Cameras

Of the products we supply and install, surveillance cameras have been the most rapidly evolving, particularly in the last five years.

Cameras have revolutionised the industry, make security more obtainable, reliable and literally close at hand. By connecting your cameras to your existing internet modem, video footage can be viewed from your smart phone or tablet, no matter where you are. Being limited to the one computer or television screen, awkwardly stationed close range to the system, is no longer an issue.

We provide access to top quality systems from brands, like Hikvision, Uniview, Axis, Tiandy, Milestone and Mobotix.

Smart Features

Video Surveillance has evolved, no longer just a video recording device, IP cameras now have industry leading Smart Features which unlock new levels of security and enhance management efficiency.

Cameras are integrated with intelligent video applications, including smart search, playback, smart detection, and features such as:

  • Line Crossing and Intrusion Detection – cameras automatically trigger an alert when programmed lines or intrusion areas are crossed.

  • Licence Plate Recognition – licence plates are read and recognised from passing vehicles, and information is logged with the accompanying footage, selected licence plates can be programmed to send an alert if sited by the camera or used to provide access through electronic gates.

  • Object Counting – designate an area of interest and let the camera count objects entering or leaving, which include not only humans but also vehicles. It also offers statistical reports.

  • Object Left Behind / Object Removed – when objects are left or removed from a predefined region, an alert is triggered automatically.

  • Audio / Sound Detection – when a sound surge is detected, an alert is triggered.

  • Face Detection – accurately detect human faces, capture their facial images, or trigger an alarm.

  • Smart Tracking – moving objects are detected and followed within the cameras area of coverage.
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Intercom In Private Apartment — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW

Intercom (Video Communication and Verification)

Add reliable security to where it counts – access doors on your premises. Advanced Security Group provides a comprehensive range of products to allow more efficient and use friendly two-way communication and video verification for entry control.

All products can be programmed to suit individual needs, including a mobile app that gives the power of remote connection, the user can answer calls at any time, play video, remotely open the door, and access the door station camera for voluntarily monitoring. Video intercom systems can also be integrated with CCTV and alarm systems. Recordings from the door station camera can be stored and played back at any time.
The indoor station’s flat panel interface allows simple operation of key functions with one touch – no need for in-depth knowledge. The easy to use interface allows for emergency responses to be requested quickly and efficiently, an essential element in times of crisis.

Allowing the option to expand, the indoor station functions as a camera phone and allows quick dialing to any other indoor station within the same network, providing an additional method of communication among users.

The Complete Surveillance System

Advanced Security Group is dedicated to making sophisticated video surveillance cost effective and user friendly. Get high resolution video of what’s important to you, whether it be for security reasons or work health and safety, we can make it so it’s right under your nose, 24 hours a day.
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