If you are concerned about the health of an older or vulnerable person who still lives in their own home, then you might want to consider the benefits and advantages of purchasing a medical alarm system.

This system can not only save their lives but can help them to enjoy living independently for longer.

The Advanced Security Group can offer you some good reasons why these alarms can really help family members.

Easy to use

When you are explaining to a vulnerable person, and telling them the advantages of the alarm, explaining that they are easy to use is one way to make sure that they are persuaded to use them.

A simple design, with easy access to life-saving services, they can be used by anyone if they should fall or have any other type of accident.

Immediate help

One of the most important elements to an alarm system is that they can alert first responders and provide you with immediate help.

Most alarms of this type are monitored 24/7, so that whenever the accident occurs you can easily reach assistance within a matter of minutes. This is vital for those in vulnerable positions.

Security and independence

Surveys regularly show that seniors feel afraid that they might fall, or otherwise injure themselves while they are alone.

This fear might cause them to feel more vulnerable and can sometimes mean that they choose to live in secure housing rather than in their own home.
A medical alert system from the Advanced Security Group can actually improve their confidence, allowing them to be independent for longer.


Another reason why you may wish to consider choosing a medical alert system is that it is so convenient.

The small buttons can be worn around the neck at the wrist, and a simple press of the button will allow the wearer to reach out to a communications channel.

This is much easier than trying to reach a phone or other communication system, and even a mobile phone system is less usable than our medical alert.

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