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Medical Alarms


Medical alarms are the most trustworthy, convenient way to ensure safety while living independently. They have been designed to allow you to maintain your independence while giving your family and friends peace of mind that comes with knowing that help is just the press of a button away.
Medical Alarm System — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW

Why Use Medical Alarms?

Those who are aging, ill or suffering other mobility problems can still enjoy independence, thanks to medical alarms. Medical alarms eliminate the need for constant supervision and make it easy for someone to call for help when they need it. For example, an older person who wants to remain in their home but is prone to falling can use medical alarms to ensure their safety. This is a more cost-effective solution than moving to a facility or hiring a round-the-clock aide.

How Do Medical Alarms Work?

Medical alarms are activated by simply pressing a lightweight waterproof pendant which may be worn around the neck or on the wrist. The pendant is wirelessly connected to a console unit, when the pendant button is pressed the console contacts our local 24-hour monitoring station.

Our operators then alert your nominated emergency contacts that you require assistance. Medi – alarms allow you to be confident to live independently while knowing that you can summon assistance when needed. A ‘Help’ button on the console also offers an additional means of summoning assistance if necessary.
Teaching a Old Woman Using a Medical Alarm — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW
Elderly Person With Emergency Button — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW

The Neveralone Option

The Never Alone pendant varies from the medi alarm in that it will work anywhere, and the user isn’t restricted by distance. The pendant will also send a location signal via GPS to our monitoring centre, with real time alert updates to track where the user is. Once the button on the pendant is pressed, the emergency message and location details are received by our monitoring centre. The operator will call the device to verify the type of response needed. The device can be set up for one way or two-way hands-free voice communication.

Choosing a medical alarm

Advanced Security Group has the top choice in medical alarms, we install the medi alarm, ensure the client is instructed on how to use the product, and don’t leave until the client is reassured and confident to use their medical alarm. We also provide ongoing support over the phone or in person.
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