Duress Alarms



The cornerstone of any security company is its monitoring centre. Unlike many security companies who outsource their monitoring responsibilities to third party providers, we undertake the monitoring of our client’s security systems via our own state of the art monitoring centre located in Tamworth, New South Wales. Our clients can therefore be assured that their security system is monitored by a centre meeting the highest specifications.
Surveillance Center — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW

Physical Construction

  • Constructed of double brick walls with concrete slab floors and ceilings
  • The centre has no windows
  • All doors are bullet-proof, and none open directly onto the street
  • Electronic access readers control all access to our building and to the Monitoring Centre
  • The perimeter of the premises is under 24 hour recorded video surveillance
  • A diesel generator can automatically run the centre in the event of power outage
  • Totally self-contained staff amenities within the monitoring Centre

Monitoring Hardware & Software

Our monitoring centre is well equipped to deal with any contingency relating to equipment, systems or supply failure:

  • The latest Patriot software which provides superior monitoring capability
  • A wireless back-up system in the event of telephone line failure
  • Routing of alarm event data to a third party in the event of receiver failure
  • All electronic hardware is equipped with dual power supplies
  • All electronic hardware is supported by individual Uninterrupted Power Supplies and by-pass switches
  • On site ‘real time’ back up of all data on ‘mirror’ servers
  • Off-site automatic back up every 15 minutes to a disaster recovery server
  • All phone calls to and from the monitoring station are recorded for verification and quality assurance purposes
Watching CCTV Footage — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW
Monitoring Center — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW
In addition:
  • Full supervision of arming and disarming if you forgot to arm your system we will remind you or send a patrolman to check on your premises and arm the system for you
  • A variety of emailed activity reports available on demand or periodically as required
  • Flexible alarm response tailored to the client’s individual requirements

Monitoring Services Provided

  • Residential and commercial electronic alarm systems (landline and GPRS reporting)
  • IP camera systems including virtual patrols
  • Medical alarms
  • Hold up alarms
  • Duress alarms
  • Mechanical air conditioning and refrigeration alarms
CCTV Camera At Home — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW
Mobile Phone With CCTV — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW


We are able to offer clients more convenient monitoring options. These are free of additional charges and include:

  • SMS alerts when events such as late to close or power failures occur;
  • Access to our ICA Portal which gives clients a secure login to view our monitoring software for their site(s). This provides direct access to review site details and research event history (Permaconn Communicator Required).

The following services can also be provided for a small fee:

  • Plink buttons for duress situations and welfare checks direct to mobile phone App with GPS tracking feature;
  • Remote monitoring of CCTV systems to check functionality using CheckMy CCTV ( permaconn communicator required)
  • Pocket secure App to remotely arm and disarm your system

NBN Ready

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has understandable left many clients with questions about their security service. The Advanced Security Group can assist clients with their transition to the NBN. Our security solution consists of a wireless unit connected to your alarm panel, using the mobile network, allowing your alarm system to work without a fixed phone line. We also receive an alert if anyone or anything interferes with your security system.
Australia Circuit Board — Security Service in Tamworth, NSW